Dating commitment phobic guy

Perhaps he's playing it cool, he's busy or it could be the mixed signals are just code for "he's not that interested in you."It's best not to take it too personally. All this is just so you get the wrong idea and fall in love with him.After years of casual dating, he has probably mastered showing just the right amount of interest to keep you around. If he remembers you at 10 pm on a Friday night, it's because all of his better plans fell through.Just when you think you’ve got one in your sights—you don’t.If this reminds you of your romantic relationship—a constant game of “catch-me-if-you-can”—then you may be involved with someone who suffers from commitment phobia. Whether you’re hiding in the holes or holding the hammer wishing your partner would just stand still for a second, this article is for you.

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Sounds easy enough; but moles are quick little rodents.

When a relationship takes longer to develop than we’d like, we often respond in frustration, swinging the hammer harder than ever.

That is unlikely to help, especially when the reason for reluctance is a still-tender emotional wound one of you is shielding from further injury.

Periodically, automated moles pop their heads out of one of half a dozen holes in the surface.

The object of the game is to bop them on the head with an oversized mallet before they disappear again.

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