Dating female from polana

Wandering through the Tatra Mountains feels like an excursion through a pallid snow-touched dream – the only thing greater in beauty than the endless trees and rolling landscapes are the sharp peaks that define the area, not to mention the townships that have developed a symbiotic relationship with the land.

On your adventures to the highest range of the Carpathian Mountains, have something more than a mere journey – have an experience.

Decent sized house club, two levels, with about a 70/30 ratio.exaggeration.

The towns Zvolen and Banska Bystrica aren't that big. Couldn't really day game as I was at work from 7-5 during the week.

Bottle service in the club was like 50 Euro, and girls were impressed that we weren't downstairs with "the poor people".I'm in Germany until 2015 and try to travel somewhere new every weekend so I'll be posting more datasheets in the future. Dom Sounds like a place one could do some damage I am in also in Germany right now, Leipzig, arrived yesterday.Quite impressed by the place so far, very alternative crowd, I went out last night to a funky club was getting a lot of eye contact, but was too tired from travelling to do anything English wasn't a problem at all.Definitely a place where you can make your money stretch. I also stayed at the best hotel in town (Hotel Polana in Zvolen) which ran about 40 Euro a night.Food 5/5 I don't know if I just have the gift of picking out amazing restaurants or if every spot we went to was just that good but man... Their diet is really meat heavy, lots of potatoes but everything is cooked to perfection. Women 3.5/5 Not quite my particular style and taste, I'd say pretty average with an extra point for level of approachability. There were some where my friends and I looked in disbelief at how thin they were.

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