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We can then join one another in taking up the duty of serving justice and peace, which should become a basic principle of all our exchanges.

A dialogue which seeks social peace and justice is in itself, beyond all merely practical considerations, an ethical commitment which brings about a new social situation.

Pelagianism is also remarkably compatible with the liberal Jesuit, Seventies-era theology of the current occupant of the Chair of Peter.

Before him, however, this neo-Pelagianism or semi-Pelagnianism was germinally present in the Vatican II document Gaudium et spes (GS).

, and full of unwarranted optimism, bordering on the fatuous, concerning post-Christian “contemporary society,” the “modern world” and the exercise of human freedom therein, the document is easily recognized in retrospect as ground zero of an explosion that obliterated the Social Kingship of Christ as the foundation of Catholic social teaching.

The Social Kingship doctrine was to be replaced by a pan-religious “civilization of love,” a term on GS, the document’s attempt to present a vision of human freedom that is not first and foremost Christological and thus rooted in the operation of sanctifying grace was a failure that has led to what he described as an “The section [of GS] on freedom, in which the Constitution deliberately takes up the theme of modern thought, is one of the least satisfactory in the whole document….

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Pelagius also anticipated by more than a thousand years the Lutheran master-heresy of justification by fiducial faith in Christ alone, with no interior transformation and elevation to a state of grace.Pope Benedict XVI: A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger (New York: Continuum, 2000), p.83]Today, the Church is afflicted by a Pope who seems to have been deposited on the Chair of Peter by the whirlwind of that ecclesial chaos, which already alarmed Father Ratzinger in the 1960s.In its view of human origins, Pelagianism is remarkably compatible with the present-day neo-Catholic synthesis of the Genesis account and the pseudo-scientific myth of the evolution of molecules into men.The neo-Catholic synthesis is an element of neo-Modernism, which (to quote Father John Hardon’s ) “attempts to reconcile modern science and philosophy at the expense of the integrity of the Catholic faith.” For the sake of the neo-Darwinian creation myth, Paradise is eliminated and Adam and Eve are presented without preternatural gifts, including immortality, as merely the apex of an evolutionary process in a world filled with disaster and death for hundreds of millions of years before their appearance, along with other first humans, on the evolutionary scene.

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