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When David II died without issue, his nephew Robert II established the House of Stewart (the spelling would be changed to Stuart in the 16th century), which would rule Scotland uncontested for the next three centuries.James VI, Stuart king of Scotland, also inherited the throne of England in 1603, and the Stuart kings and queens ruled both independent kingdoms until the Act of Union in 1707 merged the two kingdoms into a new state, the Kingdom of Great Britain.Prehistoric Scotland entered the Neolithic Era about 4000 BCE, the Bronze Age about 2000 BCE, and the Iron Age around 700 BCE.Scotland's recorded history began with the arrival of the Roman Empire in the 1st century, when the province of Britannia reached as far north as the line between the firths of Clyde to the Forth.Shocking video footage has emerged of a brawl in Magaluf between Scotland and England football fans.The video shows fans hurling chairs at each other and swearing after clashing in the streets of the Majorcan party resort at the end of Saturday's World Cup qualifier.Over the last week ‘Catfishing’ – the use of fake or fraudulent profiles […] We all know that humour, intelligence and warmth are wildly attractive human traits.However, it’s also no secret that when considering a potential match, most of us are guilty of judging a book by its cover.

Being over fifty and single can be hard, whether through choice, lack of opportunity, divorce or bereavement, we often retreat into our own worlds and deny ourselves the pleasures that we did when we were young.His descendants, known to modern historians as the House of Alpin, fought among each other during frequent disputed successions.The last Alpin king, Malcolm II, died without issue in the early 11th century and the kingdom passed through his daughter's son, Duncan I, who started a new line of kings known to modern historians as the House of Dunkeld or Canmore.Successive defeats by the Norse forced the Picts and Gaels to cease their historic hostility to each other and to unite in the 9th century, forming the Kingdom of Scotland.The Kingdom of Scotland was united under the descendants of Kenneth Mac Alpin, first king of a united Scotland.

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