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The office relationships which usually develop because of the regular close contact are a good example of how these affairs usually come about.No woman in her right mind would allow her partner to go out to dinner three times a week with another woman and assume that it was just a platonic relationship, so how do you determine what is a platonic relationship and whether it is OK for your partner to have such a relationship with another woman, well the answer to that would be you can never be sure.Generally speaking no one should trust their partner to have a platonic relationship with other women unless of course it was his mother or sisters, because after all he is only a human being with feelings and these feelings can get mixed up when you are in close contact with someone on a regular basis.When people are together a lot they usually form a bond just like a friendship, but sometimes things can get out of hand and the feelings start changing and you begin to look at the other person in a more romantic way, because of the close contact that you share on a regular basis.He does not mind spending his money on her so she is happy with that and also the fact that she is young and beautiful she will not have to worry about him cheating on her, as is usually the case if she were dating a younger man of her own age bracket.

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Older men on the other hand have been having affairs or marrying younger women for years and this has become acceptable in the eyes of today's modern society.

Firstly it all depends on whether you are the older one in the relationship or the younger one, and also whether you are a younger male with an older woman or vice versa.

Older men do seem to have better relationships with younger women than older women do with younger men.

So the pros are basically the same for both men and women younger and older, they all get the advantage of being with someone they know will love and appreciate them.

In the case of the younger man and woman there is also the financial freedom to be considered, they will be free of financial stress and also the possibility of a cheating spouse, whereas with the older man and woman, they will feel and probably look younger because of the relationship with the younger man or woman as the case may be, and they will benefit by their new outlook on life with the encouragement of their younger mates.

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