Dog people dating

Makes me wonder: Did cat people make Susan Cain’s than canine folk. Cat people score higher in intelligence and are more intellectually curious.

That’s what a study of 600 college students by Denise Guastello and colleagues found, while also re-confirming earlier findings that dog lovers are more outgoing and lively.

Impromptu friendships spring up in parks, at dog runs, and in elevators, not to mention on suburban streets and country lanes.

Dogs are also a lot more work than cats, which says a lot.

When you love your dogs, it’s very difficult to motivate yourself to actually put on pants and leave the house.

Second of all, it’s best to get to the important stuff right up top. It’s another to come across like that is the only thing you talk about. Here’s the thing, there is NOTHING wrong with being a crazy dog lady. And by that I mean they have absolutely no idea you’re doing it. Make sure you’re not being used for your dog, and vice versa.

There’s a body of research that says it does, and suggests that we’re probably giving the question short shrift when we’re scouting out prospective dates or deciding whom to marry; hiring an employee or a nanny; choosing a therapist, dentist or lawyer; or meeting someone new.

But she is the exception; generally, only visitors to your home actually get to meet Fluffy, Oliver, or Sophie in the flesh, and then not always.

Does it mean that the dog person is by nature more accommodating, willing to work harder at relationships, and lives a more complicated life than a cat person?

After all, like those who bring the mail, neither rain nor sleet nor heat nor gloom of night deters the dog owner.

Gosling and others, looked at the Big Five personality traits in self-identified cat and dog people.

Their findings confirmed the results of other studies—that dog people were more extraverted and less neurotic than the cat ones.

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