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Take some time apart from each other to distinguish your emotions from your partner’s.

Be sure to keep an amethyst stone between you when communicating, or wear a natural amethyst necklace near your heart.

Without a membrane between themselves and the world, they unknowingly absorb other people’s stress into their own bodies. This differs from ordinary empathy, say when you sympathize with your partner’s harrowing day at work. You merge with your partner and actually feel his or her joys and fears as if they were your own.

If you’re highly sensitive and haven’t identified this dynamic, you may unknowingly avoid romantic partnerships because deep down you’re afraid of getting engulfed.Sometimes an empath will have an urge and speak the emotions he/she is feeling when it’s really another person’s emotions he/she is feeling.These people are very open and have an energy that all people are attracted too, especially those who have life issues that need to be solved.Empaths are highly sensitive, intuitive, and caring, but they’re also shock absorbers with an extremely permeable nervous system and hyperactive reflexes.They experience everything, pleasure and pain, sometimes to an extreme.

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