How to handle a player dating gta 4 benefits of dating michelle

women say there is no such thing like a real man…but the truth is there r still many real men…ts only that no man is real until he is ready to grow up and done playing games.

A real man is the best gift any woman could get n life.

A boy care less about what makes you happy as a woman.

He knows nothing about putting a home together and he is not ready to know.

A player is the closet thing to a boy that’s why they call themselves BIG BOYS..

A boy never worry about the future because he never wants to grow.

A PLAYERIts better to be single than dating a player.

Game playing is a stage in every mans life where he will date more than one woman and hide them from one another.

A boy knows nothing about respecting or how treat a woman, A boy will beat his woman and care less about her pains..

A boy can make his woman,s life miserable not because he’s wicked but because he’s a child.

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