Is madonna back dating sean penn

“Rocco knows the stories about Sean,” says a so-called “insider,” asking, “What kid would want to be around when his mom repeats the worst mistakes of her past?

” Of course, the only “proof” the outlet has that the “Penns” are back on is Madonna’s appearance with her children at the actor’s Help Haiti Home fundraiser earlier this month.

Nor is it clear how effective Penn’s strategy will be in the long run.

After all, his attempt to prosecute Lee Daniels’ speech will require the court, and the public, to confront the most vexing mystery of the underlying lawsuit: If Sean Penn never struck Madonna, never bound her, never assaulted her—as she now claims—then why, for the past 27 years, have so many people come to believe he a friend of Madonna’s—is rather well-documented.

But it is also a matter of record, if you consider mainstream news outlets the “record,” that those violent tendencies extended to Madonna.

Indeed, attorneys for Daniels recently submitted 18 separate exhibits (including copies of six articles, scans for three different Madonna biographies, and a reproduction of a Google search for “Sean Penn domestic violence”), which give the clear impression, separately or combined, that Penn has a history of domestic violence.

That pieces describes Madonna as a “famous victi[m] of domestic violence” and claims Penn “was charged with domestic assault” sometime in the Eighties.

As Gossip Cop has already exclusively reported, the former spouses are NOT dating again, much less on the road to retying the knot.

Gossip Cop reports that rumors linking exes Madonna and Sean Penn romantically are "absolutely false."The site points out that the pair are simply good friends, and that Madonna's appearance at Penn's Help Haiti Home benefit on Saturday was to support a good cause and a man who has become a special part of her life.

Their connection was so obvious, and they were so happy I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they got married again.” Well, this supposed spy shouldn’t go placing any bets.

Madonna and Penn will most definitely NOT be walking down the aisle again anytime soon, at least not with each other.

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