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In 19, Love worked as a test pilot, alongside famous air racer Frank Hawks, for the Gwinn Air Car Company, performing tests on various aircraft modifications and innovations.

In one project, she served as a test pilot on the new tricycle landing gear, which subsequently became standard on most aircraft.

Beau is the son of Nancy (Morrow) and Henry Pack Willimon, Jr. Beau’s father is of English, German, and Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

William was the son of Robert Charles Willimon and Martha Caroline Ashmore.

Love convinced Tunner that the idea of using experienced women pilots to supplement the existing pilot force was a good one.

He then asked her to write up a proposal for a women's ferrying division.

This group called "the originals" each had more than a 1,000 flying hours.

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Birth Name: Pack Beauregard Willimon Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia, U. Date of Birth: October 26, 1977 Ethnicity: *English, German, Ashkenazi Jewish (father) *Slovak (mother) Beau Willimon is an American playwright, producer, and screenwriter. (the son of William Henry Willimon and Alice Maud/Maude Pack).

By June 1943, Love was commanding four different squadrons of WAFS at Love Field, Texas; New Castle, Delaware; Romulus, Michigan and Long Beach, California.

The WAFS' number had greatly increased because of the addition of graduates of the Women's Flying Training Detachment (WFTD) at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas, an organization championed and headed by Jacqueline Cochran.

Nancy Love, pilot (left), and Betty (Huyler) Gillies, co-pilot, the first women to fly the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber.

The two WAFS were set to ferry a B-17 named "Queen Bee" to England when their flight was canceled by General Hap Arnold.

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