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They were extremely, extremely accommodating and sweet about it. They moved some things around, and they probably wrote me lighter in the final episodes. This season has mostly been about House and Cuddy and them trying to make [a relationship] work, which is fine with me.

It’s always sad [when Wilson loses a love interest]. You’re like, “She’ll be gone soon.” How long can Pinky Tuscadero stick around?

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Love love love in a way that gave me that first glow which brought me to this business.” Leonard, who is also famous as Hugh Laurie’s stoic sidekick, Wilson, in the long-running TV series House, is about to reprise his role as Atticus Finch in the stage adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s seminal novel of racial hatred in the Deep South.

Leonard's screen career slowed down after, although he kept busy with several films, as well as work on stage.

(His only major acting award to date is a Tony, in 2001, for his part in the play The Invention of Love.) He eventually began appearing in television, taking guest roles in The Outer Limits and Wasteland.

It’s going to be a family decision, but it’s not one we have the discomfort of making right now because we’re not being offered options.

There are very pressing, strong things pulling us in both directions at the moment, so I really don’t know what we’re going to do. A., and days highlighted in pink that I was going to be in New York.

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