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Because Rito tried to save her from her uncle Zastin who came on the order of her father to bring Lala back home, Rito, on the other hand, due to his feelings for Haruna, does not want anything to do with Lala.

Rito discovers from Zastin, Lala's uncle and leader of her personal guard, that if he were to back out of his engagement with Lala, he would be killed and Lala's father would destroy the Earth.

RU ranks among the 500 best universities in the world, according to the recently published list of Times Higher Education.

The organiser of the international competition for young designers, Admiralty Needle, is the St.

Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.

237 participating companies, 50 foreign from 21 countries represented: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, China, Libya, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Estonia and South Africa.

Taking into account foreign delegations to expo, visitor geography covers almost the whole world.

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