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after-party on a weekend Brownstein’s band Sleater-Kinney was playing New York. Now, four seasons of co-writing and co-starring later, both of them have characterized their platonic friendship as “more intimate than marriage.” (We spoke to Brownstein the morning after we spoke to Armisen, and at times, it felt like being on a conference call with a weird 16-hour delay; they are that in sync.) Here, Brownstein discusses her desire to date somebody with a 9-to-5, taking music more seriously than comedy, and Duff Mc Kagan’s gravitas. And by the second date, he was playing me a Ramones song on a stand-up bass. Absolutely, and I’m not separating myself from the characters on the show. These people are well-meaning, but they’re very comfortable. So do you ever feel guilty about making fun of these people that mean so well? There is a certain comfort that comes from feeling intellectually apart from phenomena.

That came from an experience that I had with — I guess it was a real-life experience — with going on a couple dates with someone who had a very professional job that required years of schooling, but was more interested in doing less, working from home, freelancing. Because I was very excited to have found someone with a very opposite kind of lifestyle and profession and livelihood from myself. The people that have these different mind states on the show, they do mean well, don’t they?

"She [said] you're a great actor, but too bad you didn't act like a human being . Though he's trying to work on his bad behaviors, Armisen said he gets "very caught up in the beginning." "I want it all — fast," he explained.

and then somewhere around a year, two years, I get freaked out." "Do you feel entitled to more women? "I don't want to admit that out loud to myself," Armisen said, "but that probably is it." PHOTOS: When exes attack!

Did meeting Fred change who you are or strengthen things about yourself? He’s very kind, very generous, and I think more than anything, Fred says yes.

And there’s something about punk rock that always said no.

and you are like the best boyfriend in the beginning, and then you become the worst boyfriend," Stern explained.

You’re kind of making fun of people who are making conscious decisions about their moral impact.

And I do think it can come across as, yeah, potentially more satirical, slightly less optimistic. Or as we grapple with the meaning of living these kind of progressive lives, we’ve finally hit upon something that feels unnerving or perhaps less positive than we thought.

Are people asking you guys to come on, or did you ask her? Well, with a lot of the guest spots, it’s definitely a combination of people reaching out to us, and then Fred and myself making a list of people whose work we admire and who we’re interested in seeing in a different context, and giving them an opportunity to revel in the frivolity and absurdity of the show and perhaps showcase something a little less serious than what their music aligns with. Fred and I actually made a music video for her years ago, from her album Actor. I think he was talking about how the comedian is going for laughter while the musician is going for a broader range of emotional reaction. And I would say the most exciting music does that to me as well.

Fred told me that the comedian has a much more specific job than the musician. I think there’s a lot of wonderful comics that leave you hanging in a state of apprehension or anxiety before alleviating that tension with a joke.

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