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As VF.com’s own Josh Duboff once characterized: he’s hot “Like, in the Megan’s Rich Dad Who Drove You Home From A Sweet 16 Once and Gave You a Lingering Look On Your Way Out Of The Car Kind of Way.”This is a powerful kind of hotness: the sensation of locking eyes with Megan’s Rich Dad was, for many of us, the first time attraction was complicated and forbidden.Megan’s Rich Dad wasn’t your ninth-grade best-friend’s boyfriend—he might have been “forbidden” by your ninth-grade social circle, but not by society.Spitzer has so far denied dating—and choking—Travis and bizarrely claims Smith is still the “love of his life.”“The woman who initially made the allegation was not my girlfriend.Lis Smith was my girlfriend, and I had and have deep affection for Lis.“They were sweet to each other, very cordial.” In Radar’s exclusive video, Smith discusses a recent trip with her on-etime boyfriend.

) for press secretary, does not deserve pity, nor does she deserve judgment and contempt.But the romance unraveled in late 2015, just months before a Russian woman claimed he attacked her during a fight in New York’s Plaza hotel.(He was never charged with a crime.) According to the New York Post, Smith’s friends encouraged her to get tested for STDs following the break-up.Smith, who was more aware than just about anyone else of the potential press scrutiny, tabloid lampooning, and character castigation that would trail any new girlfriend of her ex-boss.Knowing this, she made a choice: to date the man she wants to date and ignore the noise.

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